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Talent development
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HOUPU Electronics is committed to being a responsible and active corporate citizen, complying with the employment laws and regulations of the country in which the company is located. By actively and fairly participating in market competition, we will continue to innovate independently, continuously improve our operations, and contribute to social development. And committed to working with employees and local communities to improve the quality of people's work and life.
In terms of talent employment, Houpu Electronics promises:
1. We will employ both talents and ethics, with morality as the first talent
2. We will recruit, select, develop and promote talented employees regardless of gender, religion, nationality, marital status and physical defects.
3. Encourage employees to recommend talents, especially engineering and technical personnel
4. We treat all employees equally, fair, just and open, and respect the collective and individual rights of employees
5. We provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.
Houpu appreciates the abilities and knowledge of employees, and Houpu helps employees to do what they want.