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      Dongguan Houpu Electronics Co., Ltd.founded in 2005, the company specializes in producing various high profile USB cable, power cable, computer cables and other computer peripheral products.
        Water gardens are located in Dongguan, said the high-Po town, convenient transportation, beautiful environment, garden plants, there are basketball courts, badminton courts, snooker room and other sports facilities and spacious office building, the further development of the company to build a a high standard of the new platform. Companies adhering to people-oriented, quality oriented management philosophy, and strive to give every employee the space and the development stage. Currently, the company has a stable dedicated quality personnel. We always adhere to constantly introduce new products and improve product quality, higher, faster and better services to meet customer requirements.
       The company's operating philosophy: forging ahead in unity to create brilliant
       The company's employment philosophy: people-oriented, the company created a successful group of successful people!
       Salary incentive system: the company every three months as a wage adjustment of job performance, get high wages is no longer a dream! All are welcome to visit our company, negotiate business!